My Film Diary

White men can’t jump – Didn’t like it…It was just so boring.

Little Otik – Pretty Surreal and just insane. The mum’s insanity was just plain unlikable. But overall it was interesting…

Annie – Watched this purely out of nostalgia. Noticed something i didn’t before; the bad acting, and a continuity error during the “Easy street” scene. Songs are still good though.

Star Trek (2009) – Loved it. Makes me want to watch the other movies…

Precious – Probably one of the only films that’s ever came close to bringing me to tears (close). The scene where Precious breaks down in class and says that she’s HIV positive almost made me cry with her. Poor Precious…

KND: Operation Z.E.R.O – Haha, my childhood right here. Nostalgia is great in times of boredom.

A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow up Timmy Turner – Terrible. It really was  just so bad…Watched it online via Youtube after the site suggested it to me.

The Inbetweeners movie – Eh, it was okay. Entertaining, and at times it was funny. Not laugh out loud funny though, more like…heh funny. Still kinda liked it though, would watch it again.


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