Why is it relevant?

Activity 1

What is the relevance of studying the histories of Art and 
design, media and culture? Knowledge. You have a better 
understanding of something when you learn of its reasons. 
How can the world move forward artistically  if we don't 
know what's already been and how it got there? Facing the 
art world on their visual fronts can't be true appreciation 
if you know nothing about what the piece represents or how 
that particular movement came about.
Art has always been a window to time, ever since the 
prehistoric era were their lives of hunting and religious 
beliefs were shown through cave paintings, and as it's the 
window to time what's happening around them are a heavy 
influence. Who was in charge? Was there a war? What were 
the movements, theories and the current religious status 
of the time? All of this has changed culture and Art and 
media along with it, as they're all influenced by 
each other.

As time moved along and technology has gotten better our 
means of producing art has became a lot easier and quicker.
We've moved into the computer age, and a lot of practices 
are now deemed outdated. Although we may not ever use those 
practices, the knowledge of how they were done could be 
transferred using modern means. I believe this knowledge 
would help me in my desired field of animation. To learn of 
how animation was done years ago, how they managed to get such 
stunning picture and fluid movement from a very time consuming 
practice ,that would have required a lot more effort and 
determination than we'd need today using modern technology, 
would make me more appreciative of what I've got to work with.

Activity 2

Do we shape technology or does it shape us? That to me is a 
chicken and egg situation. Do we create out of need and then 
want or do we create out of want and then need? Indeed we 
create out of what was necessary at the time and that could 
later be developed into a luxury item for our pleasure. So we 
create out of a need from Human behavior. But then take the 
internet for example. The internet was created so scientists 
could communicate with each other, a need, and then it was 
developed into what it is now. It was never something we really 
needed, people have lived without it for generations but after 
we got this luxury item it quickly shaped our world and has now 
became a necessary. So technology shaped Human behaviour. We use 
computers for a lot now, text our friends, talk on the phone, 
watch the latest hit T.V show, technology has changed our lives 
into something very different than previous generations and to the 
point were a lot of us don't think we could live without them. 
So in that aspect i'd perhaps say technology was winning if it 
weren't for the fact that we still search for cures and other 
medical advances, explore planets and other life.

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