Major events of the 20th century

During the Word War, Mass media and propaganda went hand in hand with each other. The “good guys”, the “bad guys” both used the media to get people on their side through exaggerations, selected stories or just plain fabricated lies. The government used its influence over radio, news and print media to shape the publics opinion. Entertainment, such as war time cartoons, was also used in this way. Many characters like Daffy Duck had episodes with Hilter or Nazism in them in an attempt of making a mockery of him and his side, or just displayed messages to provoke an influence.

Another popular source of entertainment at the time were the Theaters. People would go to watch a double feature which would be a patriotic movie showing the Germans and Japanese losing the war to the Americans. Between the movies of a double feature were newsreels, which lasted for about 10 minutes. The newsreels featured images of  soldiers and showed people how the war was going. Even in the Movie theaters, a place of imagination through film, they couldn’t escape the image of war.

The media was the major source of information during the Second World War. Any news on the war was generally received from newspapers, magazines and news reels. And it was through this communication that the image of Hitler was sold to the American public to gain support for the war effort in Europe. Hitler was shown to be a threat to world peace. A clear message was sent; Hitler had to be stopped to preserve freedom and democracy.

This last poster depicting Hitler was in his favour, with the text reading “Long live Germany!” The overall image showing a very god-like look of him. Showing him as a powerful and strong leader,not like the second image which made him a joke.

Other posters of this time where ones to motivate the public, to keep their spirits up and encourage them. To try and see the point of things like rationing, to try and get them to grow their own fruit and vegetables and into the practice of mending their clothes.


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