Topic Proposal – Jan Švankmajer

<Philosophical Aesthetics>  An Introduction

Topic proposal

I’m going to prepare an essay evaluating the works of  Jan Švankmajer, in particular his clay-mation/stop motion works such as “Darkness, light, darkness” and  his food series “Breakfast”, “Lunch” & “Dinner”  which will be based off the theories of “Marxist” and “Representation ”.

I chose this subject matter because I find Jan Švankmajer’s work interesting and thought-provoking, as well as having  a slight humour to a few of them.  As with his other work, there is no real ascetic beauty to them. In fact, they’re rather hard to look at sometimes, or animated in such a strange, exaggerated manner over real-life people.

I felt it would be an interesting subject to discus, in coherence with the chosen theories.

Jan Švankmajer is a Czech filmmaker, who has used many different types of media in his work. He’s known for his  surreal animations and feature films.

I felt both the Marxist and Experience theories would work well with discussing this film. Aesthetic Experience, especially, I feel I could go greatly into discussing.


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