Video Practice & Theory for New Media – Outcome 2

Body & movement: Film and Video editing.

Idea 1:

Film someone performing some rather dangerous acts, having accidents that would injure them, but cut the shot before we see the damage being done. Create, at least four, scenarios that would injure them in blatantly visible ways, such as breaking their arm or clear bruising to the face. Cut from one scenario to another, until the last shot which will show the model sitting down and each injury then, one after the other, becoming present on his/her body.

Idea 2:

Film someone on a journey, and all the while they are being followed by two faded clones of themselves; their conscious and unconscious minds. These faded clones can’t be seen by anyone, and they control “the body” into doing things that we believe to be in control of ourselves…but we aren’t. It’s the idea that we aren’t in control of ourselves, like we believe we are, that instead both sides of our minds are what controls us, but we don’t see it.

The relationship between the conscious and unconscious minds will be played out based on this quote I had found; “Our consciousness is the portal between ourselves and the world in which we interact.” Basically, my interpretation of this based around characteristics is that the Conscious would be a sort of body-guard-type figure towards “the body” and that it doesn’t allow the unconscious much interaction, which also plays with the fact that our unconsciousness is perceived as being suppressed…and in my view because it’s not allowed to become more forward with our consciousness blocking it.

The film will include interaction between the clones and the body, using an overlay editing technique. And end with a scene where the body and the conscious go to sleep, giving the unconscious a turn with the body, which will relate into the belief that our unconsciousness manifests in our dreams.

Idea 3:

Again, going with the idea that we aren’t in control of ourselves, faded clones and whatnot, but simplified. The same basic narrative; the body is going on a journey and is followed and controlled by a faded clone, but in this version it’s just the unconscious mind that is shown, the journey isn’t too big and the sleep scene is removed.

A more realistic version of the previous idea, one that isn’t too presumptuous and one that I could do far more easily.

The body will leave the house and go out for a walk, while she is followed by her unconscious mind. The unconscious doesn’t interact much, still playing on the fact that our unconsciousness is suppressed, but it does take action when a quick reaction is needed and reacts to an unseen event; two things our unconscious is believed to control.

The quick reaction will be caused by a child running across, and the unconscious will pull “the body” back from running into them.

The unseen event will be dropping their purse/wallet and it being stolen. The unconscious will react, but can’t do anything about it.


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