Project: Elegance

Evaluation from Jennifer Welsh.

Has project answered the brief?

I believe my project, “Elegance”, has met with the brief’s requirements. The given brief had asked for a Digital Artifact which expressed some range of human expression and movement; “Body and Movement”. The movement comes in the form of the ballerina and ballet, performing an arabesques, a move in which the ballerina will go on pointe and swing one leg upwards,  the body aspect comes from her physical state and potential mentality. Giving different light to an otherwise beautiful performance.

Have aims & objectives been met?

My personal aim of this piece was to make it striking, i believe i may have achieved some level of this. I had also wanted to “go outwith my usual style, to produce a painting-like quality to it with a somewhat sketchy element” I haven’t produced it as a painting-like quality, but rather had created it in a far more sketchy way, of course giving it a sketchy appearance to it. Perhaps having a more painted-like appearance may have been nice but i feel that with the harsh nature of the subject matter that harsher lines would fit it better.

Strengths and weaknesses?

I believe a weakness i had within this project was drawing the figure itself. I, as i’d presume like the majority of people, am far too used to drawing fleshy figures, and to try and not only draw a drastically underweight figure, but in the midst of an arabesques took some deal of practice. But with it i had gotten the hang of drawing this anorexic figure, although the positioning in the final piece may be lacking. The pelvic area may be the weakest point of the final piece, and perhaps the rib cage and head were two strengths.

Learnt anything from completing the project? What would you do differently?

Have i learned anything from doing this project? That there are anorexic models who actually get paid for being ill…but seriously, i had learned to draw a far more sickly figure, and a little more into the tough lifestyle of a ballerina. Most of which i had already knew about, but interesting to look a little more into. I have also learned my lesson on the importance of getting stuck in with your sketchbook much earlier on and to take note of all the research i come across and where i found it, than to write it into a sentence and then loose it.

An earlier and more “stuck-in” approach to sketchbook development would defiantly be the main thing i would do differently. I would also try to play around with the idea more, than being so set minded about it.

Ideas and methodologies you’d use again?

I would use a more minimalist approach to colour again, it gives a nice eerie feel to it that i quite liked. And i’d try and use the more darker side to my inspiration again, for more twisted outcomes.

How did you integrate research into the development of the project?

Well throughout the whole project there has been one image that i had heavily used as resource (the image above), reading diaries of ballerinas told of their experiences with similar issues as each other; mental disorders, depression, injury, but namely weight and health concerns. The whole idea for this project was born from this research into the more darker side to ballet, a form of dance that is seen as elegant and beautiful. I just took these common issues among ballerinas and pushed it to the extreme. So most of what i had come across did make it into the final piece, although not all as visible as the anorexia. One thing i was originally planning to incorporate in was a twisted or completely broken ankle, but when i later decided to focus more on the torso of the figure, it did meet the cut. I was then briefly thinking on reveling a broken wrist, but had decided that it wouldn’t have been drastic enough to suggest that she’s unfit to perform.

Did you meet your target dates and deadlines?

I hadn’t really set myself any official, set-in-stone dates to have something completed by, other than, of course, the offical deadlines. On the 17th April i had planned to get research out of the way first and done by the following week (22nd), and then spend the remaining time left on the development.



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