Body & movement brief – David

Project Title:  It’s Elegance.


Ballet is seen as a beautiful and elegant form of dance and expression, i want to create a striking piece to contrast this. To show an ugly side to a beautiful permormance.

“she has devoted her entire life to dance—pushing her physical and mental limits with every graceful movement. She says the wear and tear from years of 12-hour days has started to catch up with her. Despite her physical pain, the constant pursuit of perfection keeps Jenifer going.” (taken from here:

“Dancers deserve more recognition. You see their pointe shoes after a performance, covered in blood and their feet are blistered and raw. People not in the industry ask why you’d do that to yourself, but there’s nothing more amazing than achieving that perfect performance. It’s an incredible buzz.” (taken from:

The brief:

I will create in photoshop an image of a tired and sickly looking ballerina performing the ballet move “arabesques”.

The move will be elegant, her costume beautiful, but she herself will be sickly. She will be pale, and very skinny, with bags under her eyes and bones on show. Pushing herself for that perfection despite her weak condition, which in the diaries of Ballerinas, is something they all express having done in some less extreme way. I wish to present the extreme.


I would like to try and keep some sense of elegance about the piece, despite how sickly the ballerina permorming it will be.

Aims and Objectives:

I wish to create a striking piece, that is my main aim. To go outwith my usual style and use a more realistic style. To produce a painting-like quality to it, with also a somewhat sketchy element to it.


I will use as little colour as i need, which will all be dull shades. The rest of the image will be monochrome, with just her dress and shoes in a dull, washed out shade of pink.


  • Ballet websites.
  • Edgar Degas’s work.,r:17,s:0,i:143

  • Caroline Gold’s work.

  • A few articles on the life of a ballerina. Which all explain in one way or another the want of perfection, despite the injuries, hard work and strict and/or harsh teachers. Eating disorders, self-harm and other problems that they inflict on themselves and put up with. 

Further research intended.


Photoshop and GIMP at home, if needed.

Time Scale:


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