Activity 13: Walt Disney’s 12 Principles of Animation

1. Timing 2. Squash and Stretch The car (at 3:50) was very long and when stopping, shrunk to a far smaller size.

3.  Slow In and Slow Out

4.  Arcs of Motion

5. Anticipation

6.  Exaggeration In this cartoon the wolf expresses alot of over-exaggerated actions to show his liking to the showgirl’s act. As well as other exaggerations such as his car having a very long front, or  His eyes grow large and pop out, he jumps and bangs on the table manically, even hitting it with his chair, and uses a machine at one point to whistle, bang the table and clap loudly. The showgirl’s rejection of the wolf was loud enough to blow him away. When he jabbed granny with the needle, she jumped through the roof and into the sky. Every exaggeration used in this cartoon was for comedic affect.

7.  Secondary Action As DeeDee shuffles backwards, she brings her arms in and out, along with her legs. All the white her pigtails are bobbing back and forth, her hat (when she has it on) does that same, she bounces to different spots etc.

8. Follow Through and Overlapping Action

9. Straight Ahead & Pose-to-Pose

The Powerpuff girls were originally created using the old method of animation, and therefore would have been Straight Ahead. But this one episode was created digitally using Pose-to-Pose no doubt, and the difference in animation and fluidity is very apparent. 10. Staging (00:00 – 00:36) 11. Appeal Overall the Villains are quite sharp, and shown to be less appealing to the eye, whereas the heroes tend to be more rounded and nicer looking or cute.

12. Solid Drawing


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