Pink Elephants on parade  

This scene, taken from the Disney film Dumbo, was my first thought when looking for examples of metamorphosis. Over the course of this 4 minutes 52 second clip there are a total of 15 different transformations from one creature or thing to another, all thriving with life and in tune to the music.

It starts with a bubble, that bubble molds into an elephant.

The elephant then splits into four and they mold their trunks into trumpets before combining them into one bigger trumpet and pop. You’ve then  got multiplication several times over the course of the clip, trunks forming musical instruments, height/weight changes, eyes to pyramids, pyramid that shapes into a Buddha-like figure, the camel shaped elephant morphs into a snake and then into a Arabian dancer who fades out leaving behind just the glow of their belly that as a ball bounces around slightly before opening into an eye. After some dancing an elephant couple leap into the form of racing cars.The elephants continue their match, soon after exploding and falling from the sky. As the sun rises the scenery fades as the elephants gentility form into clouds. That that’s where it ends.

Minnie the Moocher 

Betty’s father/grandfather’s head morphs into a record player to illustrate how he’s going on like a broken record. The flower in the vase sitting on the table takes life and uses it’s leaves as arms and trys to feed Betty.


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