Condensation examples

  • In the series “Family Guy” There’s an episode where Chris isn’t allowed to watch his favourite show the next week until he finished his homework. To speed up the week (so the rest of the plot could take place) Louis announced that her mother was coming to stay for a week, and then we’re cut back to a scene where they’re waving goodbye to her mother, meaning it’s the next week.
  • In the film “Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo” to cut down on the time it would have taken to travel to Japan they showed a short montage of their packing and journey, the journey itself being in a more simplistic style.

(If it doesn’t already, skip to 1:11)

  • In the anime series “Mawaru Penguindrum” they save time between train journey’s by cutting to a scene where you’re taken through security gates and met with a white screen full of signs. In the center is the platform sign for the location they’re going. It usually takes us back to when they’re on the train.


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